Day 3: Facebook 5 Day Art Jewelry Challenge

Belle Isle Bloom Cuff

Belle Isle Bloom Cuff by Norma Melton


Day 3: Facebook 5 Day Art Jewelry Challenge
What is this about? When you are nominated for the Challenge, you post photos of your art jewelry for 5 days, and each day tag another artist to do the same. For my 3rd day, I selected “Belle Isle Bloom” from the Industry Collection. Belle Isle is a 982-acre island located in the Detroit River, between the United States and Canada. Anna Scripps Whitcomb Conservatory is the oldest, continually operating conservatory in the United States nurturing exotic plants from around the world. Located in the center of Belle Isle, the Conservatory was designed by Albert Kahn, who was inspired by Thomas Jefferson’s Monticello. Albert Kahn is considered the American industrial architect of his day, and is sometimes called the architect of Detroit.
Today I nominate Suzann Sladcik Wilson, artist, author, educator, consultant, entrepreneur, philanthropist, and founder of #ArtJewelryChallenge

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