Art Quilts by Maggie Tomei: “Fairies in the Forest” & “Beneath the Sea”

We continue to showcase the results of the WireKnitZ® Call for Artists posted April 22 on our Blog and Facebook: SEEKING SURFACE DESIGNERS, ART QUILTERS, LAYERISTS & MIXED MEDIA ARTISTS, in preparation for next week’s American Quilter’s Society Show in Grand Rapids, MI.










“Fairies in the Forest”
Mixed Media 16 x 20″

Artist Statement:
I am a self-taught mixed-media artist residing in Northern New Mexico.  As an artist and spiritualist, I utilize my dreams, visions, and life experiences to express my creative process. It was during my early childhood that I recognized a strong curiosity in the creative process and making art.  Since then, I have explored many different forms of artistic mediums including but not limited to fiber arts, knitting, sewing, macramé, beading, sculpture, pottery, paper-mache, photography, printmaking, book arts, painting, collage, creative journaling, assemblage, and paper arts.  My current passions include photography, book arts, and the creation of art quilts.

I have also worked in collaboration with other women artists and find sharing creative time with other women both powerful and sacred experiences.
Creativity is an essential part of my life force and I perceive my experiences as both transformational and healing.  I have taken many workshops and fine art classes and continue to pursue various art education classes in order to add to my repertoire of experiences.

This February I discovered WireKnitZ® while visiting the Tucson Gem and Mineral Show.  My curiosity to work with this fascinating medium encouraged me to experiment combining handmade needle felted fabric with the manipulation of the knitted wire mesh to create one of a kind art quilts.

Maggie Tomei, Portrait






Maggie Tomei
Mixed-media artist

Maggie’s art quilts are truly spectacular and reveal her playful personality.  I must admit, due to my very limited photographic skills, I had a dickens of a time photographing these!  Notice the side views above and below capture the undulating dimensional textures and colors.

Maggie, I’ve enjoyed watching you discover the versatility of WireKnitZ® and anxiously await your next design discovery!  Until we meet again, my heartfelt joy and appreciation…Norma

“Beneath the Sea” (below)










VIDEO…Pizza in a Box?

When you’ve put your heart and soul into creating something wonderful, how do you ship it from one place to another without damage?  Watch this quick video to see how Maggie managed to send her quilts from New Mexico to Michigan without damage!

Please join us in Grand Rapids, Michigan to see Maggie’s Art Quilts and others at the American Quilter’s Society Show, August 14 – 17, Booth #1145.  Not just for quilters, this show promises to inspire mixed media artists, appealing to jewelry makers, doll makers, felters, scrapbook enthusiasts, sculptors & painters, to name a few.

We hope to see you next week!

Best always, Norma and Sheryl

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