Cafe Noir Beaded Cab Cuff

Designed by Susan Blessinger

This is a great project for our advanced and experienced beaders. You need to know how to do the right angle weave and peyote stitch to complete this project.

By Susan Blessinger

Supplies Needed:

One package 9″ 3001 Black WireKnitZ®
One Package 9″ 4002 Silver Plate WireKnitZ®
One 1-1/2″ square Cabochon
Five Grams #8 Flat Black Seed Beads
Five Grams #11 Flat Black Seed Beads
6 lb. Smoke Fireline – braided bead thread
#10 beading needle


Unroll both pieces of WireKnitZ® and insert the 4002 Silver Plate inside of the
3001 Black WireKnitZ®.
Gently ease out the creases with your fingers and create a tube bangle.
Fold the 3001 Black raw ends over 1/4″on each side. Do this twice.
Fold both the Silver and Black about 1/2″ toward the center so they meet.

Cut a 30″ piece of Fireline and attach the needle. Using the #8 Seed Beads,
Right Angle Weave one strip until it will wrap around the perimeter edge of the
cabochon minus one final stitch. You may find it helpful to place a 1/8” wide strip
of double stick clear tape around the cabochon to hold the first strip of seed
beads in place while you make the beaded bezel. Place your strip of right angle
weave stitching around the cabochon and make the final Right Angel Weave
attachment with two beads. Starting on the back side of the cabochon, step
down to #11 seed bead to make a bezel. One round should be enough. Needle
to the front of the piece and peyote stitch one row of #8 seed beads. Step up to
two rounds of peyote #11 seed beads and you’re ready to attach to the bangle.
Needle down to the base of the #8 beads.

Place the cabochon in the desired position and going through the # 8 beads
closest to the WireKnitZ®, sew through the WireKnitZ® and up through the #8 beads
surrounding the cabochon. Knot and tie off. Using Fireline, whip stitch the black
folded edges for a professional look. Enjoy your Cafe Noir Bangle!


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