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Leisa Rich owner, maker, designer, curator, Visual Art Educator, Creative Entrepreneur
Art Quilting is an art form that uses traditional quilting techniques to create art objects.  Not the traditional quilt, this quilt is generally either wall hung or mounted as sculpture.






When Leisa Rich responded to the artist call and expressed an interest in making a work of art with WireKnitZ®, naturally I visited her media links and immediately recognized she was a prolific visual artist.  Leisa makes one-of-a-kind pieces to wear and display, and is also a serious artist creating 2D, 3D and installation sculptural fiber, stitched works and mixed media pieces. Having a passion for interacting with tactile materials, Leisa is an accomplished artist and has many credits to her name, and most recently completed a permanent installation for The Dallas Museum of Art.

Thinking outside of the box, Leisa not only sent us art quilts, but free standing sculptures, some injected with silicone! You owe it to yourself to visit her website at monaleisa.com and read her recent article in Fiber Art Now magazine.

Artist Statement:

My passion is interacting with tactile materials, processes and concepts, artistically interpreting new materials and techniques of today and reinterpreting found objects of yesterday. The limitless possibilities to discover new, creative applications transcends the physical to entice, draw in and provoke the experiential in my “viewer”. Fibers are as old as time; used in a modern, conceptual way, they become in my art an exciting metaphor.

Art Quilts and Sculptural Elements by Leisa Rich

Leisa Rich Art Quilt

Fabric, faux fur, vinyl, thread and WireKnitZ®, stretched, stapled and free motion machine stitched.  To display, we stretched this art quilt over a stretcher frame, leaving the vinyl appendages to extend freely.  Stretched size 16 x 22″.

Leisa Rich Art Quilt

Hand manipulated WireKnitZ® and free motion machine stitching on vinyl and fabric.  Approximate art quilt size 14 x 21″.

Leisa Rich Wall Sculpture

WireKnitZ® and Fosshape, a heat activated fiber.  Approximate wall sculpture size 16 x 15″.



Silicone injected ribbons of WireKnitZ®

Of course, all of Leisa’s pieces will be on display next week at The American Quilter’s Society Show.

Thank you Leisa, your no holds barred approach was well done!
Many thanks…Norma


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