“On a Roll” Cuff Bracelet Tutorial


Note: #2005 Light Gold fine gauge used on the outside of this cuff can be substituted with the 3000, 4000, or 5000 heavy gauge Series for texture and durability, if preferred.

  •  1 – 9” length of #2005 Light Gold Tight Knit
  • 1 – 9” length of #3001 Black Tight Knit
  • Option: For bulkier cuff ends, insert a 4 ½-inch rolled piece of 4001 Black Coarse WireKnitZ® inside each rolled end.
  • Clear drying glue (if using thread to secure)


  • Measuring Tape or Ruler
  • Scissors
  • Cooking Tongs – Optional
  • Wrist Mandrel – Optional

 Cuff Setting Options

  • Sewing Needle and Braided Beading Thread -or-
  • 28 – 30 gauge Craft Wire

1.  Begin with two equal lengths of WireKnitZ®.

2.  Gently open the lightweight gold knit and slip the black knit through, aligning ends — taking care not to snag the wire edges.  This is where the cooking tongs are useful.

3.  Open the layered tube at both ends to fit your hand through with some ease. This is where a wrist mandrel or conical object comes in handy.  Clip off any pulled wires at ends.

4.  At one end, roll the layered knit over the outside of the tube making a ½-inch cuff, and gently massage it into place.  Roll the same cuff two more times, evening the cuff each time.  Repeat at the opposite end.

5.  After making your rolled cuffs at each end, notice the bracelet diameter is smaller.  Size the opening by using the wrist mandrel or manually stretching each end to snuggly fit over your hand.  DO NOT OVERSTRETCH THE CUFFS.

6.  At this point, your bracelet should measure about 4 inches in length.

7.  Roll each end one more time.  Adjust and position both ends, making your bracelet about 2.5” in length.  Size openings once again slightly smaller in diameter than is necessary.  To set your cuffs, select braided beading thread or craft wire and inconspicuously stitch each cuff end along the inside rolled edge.  If using thread, tie off with a double-overhand knot, or bury wire end inside cuff.  This will allow the bracelet some expansion room, but with a limit!

Enjoy wearing as it is, or add embellishments!

Helpful Hint: Slip your hand in a knee high stocking, or large plastic baggie, and then coax the bracelet on by gently rotating it over your hand.  Remove the baggie…Voila!  

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