5000 Series

To order, please email wireknitz@gmail.com and specify the quantity and length (9″ or 1-meter) of each color.  Please include your name and mailing address.  i.e. 2 1-meter 5016 Ivory

5000 Series

5000 Series Specifications:
U.S. Measure: 3.34″ wide x 32 gauge HEAVY wire, MEDIUM knit
Metric Measure: 15mm wide x 0.20mm HEAVY wire, MEDIUM knit
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Price: $13.50 per 9-inch
  $40.50 per 1-meter

#5001 Black

#5006 Copper

#5007 Gunmetal

#5009 Goldenrod

#5010 Henna Brown

#5012 Firebrick Red

#5013 Dark Cyan

#5014 Dark Purple

#5015 Leaf Green

#5016 Ivory

#5101 Bright Blue

#5103 Turquoise

#5104 Lime

#5106 Chartreuse

Metric Conversions
39.37" = 1 meter
5/8" = 15mm
3.34" = 85mm
38 gauge FINE wire = 0.10mm
32 gauge HEAVY wire = 0.20mm
WireKnitZ® is a copper wire tubular knit with polyurethane enamel finish for artisans and crafters alike.
Stretch, stitch, roll, bead, braid, weave, layer & shape it — nothing goes to waste.
Enjoy the supple flexibility, lightweight durability and endless design possibilities.
WireKnitZ® is available in three knits, two widths, two wire gauges and a kaleidoscope of colors!
WireKnitZ® is nickel-free, waterproof and may be gently hand washed.
Due to the manufacturing & spooling process, slight variations may occur in width & dye lot.

#4002 Silver Plate, #2003 & #4003 Black/Silver Stripe is not enameled and may tarnish.
#4004 Stainless Steel is bare stainless steel.

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