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Do you have an old brooch, pendant, or beaded accessory that you just can’t part with but know you’ll never wear again?  Give it a new life by incorporating it in this elegant Queen Victoria Cuff designed by Eva Sherman of Grand River Beads in Rocky River, OH. View this free tutorial online or download the printable PDF

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Surprise your friends and family by creating unique gifts with WireKnitZ®.  The sculptural quality lends it to becoming the focal point of your designs or adds an unusual twist to your jewelry, mixed media projects, or holiday invitations and wrappings!  Click on the pictures in our Gallery of Project Ideas and be inspired to use WireKnitZ® in your next project or gift to someone special.

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A few minutes of wire doodling…someone will most likely get this in a card or on a gift…    Gizzy

Thank you for passing this on…

Norma and the GalZ of WireKnitZ®
The Results of One Random Bag Recipient…
Designs by Jenni Beadwork
Jenni Gerstle from Designs by Jenni Beadwork recently ordered a Random Bag along with several other items and within a couple of days shared this photo!  We can’t wait to see what Jenni comes up with when, as she says, “I get serious”.  See more of Jenni’s designs and her class schedule at www.picturetrail.com
– Tucson – February 3 – 11, 2013
We will be exhibiting again at




located at
Doubletree Tucson Reid Park, February 3 – 11, 2013. New designs will be unveiled and workshops to be announced…please stay tuned 😉

Ask for classes at your favorite WireKnitZ® Dealer
Orbital Cuff  Convertibles

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