Spiral Cuff Bracelet

Straddle the line between sweet and edgy with this spiral cuff designed by Norma Melton.


  • 1 – 9-inch length of 3000 Series WireKnitZ®
  • Braided Beading Thread or 28 – 30 gauge craft wire
  • Approximately 39 – 3.5 to 4.0 mm freshwater pearls
  • Extra fine beading needle
  • Scissors (you may want to dedicate a pair just for WireKnitZ®)
  • Measuring tape or ruler
  • Flat utensil

1.  Begin with one 9” length of WireKnitZ®.

2.  Lay the knit on a flat surface and without stretching, find the center point by folding the 9” length in half, and press flat.  Fold knitted wire 1.5-inches or so from each side of the centerfold and press, resulting in 3 equally spaced distinct creases.


3. Place a flat utensil inside the knit to open the knitted tube.  Starting with the center crease on the outside

fold, grasp the fold between your thumb and index finger and pinch the crease along one side.  Remove the

utensil.  Hold the knit on the pinched side between your thumb and finger; with your other hand pinch the

crease on the other side, creating a continuous raised crease.


4.  Repeat for the other two creases.

5.  Manipulate each crease one at a time by pinching with both hands on opposite sides.  Pinch and rotate several times around each crease, creating three uniform creases.


6.  With creases in place, open one end of the knitted tube.  Place fingers from both hands back to back inside the end with thumbs on the outside, and gently pull and rotate the opening, allowing the edge to roll back on itself  a couple of times, all the while coaxing in place with your thumbs.  This action will automatically curl the opening, creating a rolled edge – no need to stitch the end in place!

 7.  Repeat on the other end.

8.  Stitch pearls, beads, whatever you prefer to the creased edges.  For a tidy edge, keep stitches near the creased edges.

9.  The finished piece will measure 3.5 – 4-inches long, depending upon the rise of your creases

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