18 Inch Braided Necklace

18 Inch Braided Necklace
By Norma Melton



3 – 16 inch lengths of 2000 Series WireKnitZ® – colors of choice

  • Finished necklace materials:  1 – 16” 2001 Black and 2-16” 2003 Black & Silver Stripe
  • Tutorial colors:  16” of 2001 Black,  2007 Gunmetal,  2008 Champagne

2 – Large cone ends approx. 25 x 13 x 13 mm
1 – 28 – 34 mm toggle clasp
2 – 5 or 6 mm Bicone crystals
60 (approx) 2.5 & 3.0 mm beads of your choice
2 – 5 inch pieces of 20 or 22 gauge wire
2 – Jump rings
2 – Spacers
FireLine® Braided bead thread to secure beads to WireKnitZ®


Scissors for cutting WireKnitZ®
Measuring tape
Clamp or masking tape
Round-nose pliers
2 – Chain-nose pliers
1 – Sewing or beading needle that will easily pass through your beads
Clear drying glue of your choice for securing knots in thread

View this Tutorial below or Download Printable PDF


1. Begin with three equal lengths of WireKnitZ®.  Grasp each end with both hands and stretch in length until the knit is about 1 1/2” inches wide.

2. Softly roll each length individually between the palms of your hands, making a rope-like strand.

3. Align all three strands at one end and tightly twist about ¾-inch to 1-inch of the end.


4. Clamp the twisted end to something sturdy, here we’ve used a patio umbrella, and braid to approximately 17-inches in length, then lightly twist end to prevent from unwrapping while finishing other end.

5. At the tightly twisted end, gently push the awl through the center of the twist making a clean hole to pass through the wire.  Feed 1 1/4 inches of the 5-inch piece of wire through the hole wrapping the short wire once around the twisted knit.   Bend the long wire 90° toward the tip of the twist.  Finish wrapping the short end around the twisted knit and over the long wire.  Bend the end of the short wire approx.1/8 inch from the end and using chain-nose pliers, bury the wire end inside the twisted knit, locking wire in place.

6. Feed the cone end, bicone, and spacer over the long wire, and finish with wire wrapped end.  Attach one side of toggle clasp with jump ring.

●  Determine finished necklace length by adding the total length of the crystal bicone, spacer, wire wrap, split ring, and other  toggle side (do not add the cone finding to this equation), and trim braid to fit.

7. Repeat #5 and #6 at the opposite end.

Note: The cone end may appear too large…don’t worry – the beads will fill the gaps.

8.  Near one cone end, inconspicuously pass your threaded needle through the inner braid without pulling the thread through and make a double overhand knot.  Do not cinch the knit by pulling too tight.  Repeat knot and glue.  Stitch your beads in and around the cone end, filling in the gaps where the braid meets the cone.  Repeat at the opposite end.

Be well and stay wired!

WireKnitZ® is the registered trademark of Visuals in Presentation, Inc. copyright 2010-2012

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