Product Attributes

Attributes of WireKnitZ®
An amazing wire textile product that brings a new level of creativity —and flexibility — to your projects

All WireKnitZ® is a copper wire tubular knit, like a sleeve.  WireKnitZ® is a pre knitted wire textile that is lightweight, flexible, and durable.

  • Stitch, rivet, and glue WireKnitZ®.
  • Roll WireKnitZ® by hand or hand drill to make a leash or necklace.
  • Bead WireKnitZ® with your favorite braided beading thread, bead-stringing wire, or craft wire.
  • Braid WireKnitZ® with textiles and other metals.
  • Weave WireKnitZ® with fibers, ribbons, or other metals.
  • Layer WireKnitZ® — Slip one color through the tube of another to create a new color.
  • Shape WireKnitZ® — Twist and feed through beads, slip baubles inside, knot to hold baubles in place, pull to make big beautiful waves, pinch, crimp, and fold.
  • Attach charms, chains, lace, ribbons, buttons, grommets, bell end caps, cone ends, crimp ends, and clasps.
  • Embellish hand washable items with WireKnitZ®.
  • WireKnitZ® is nickel-free, waterproof, and may be gently hand washed.

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WireKnitZ® — the innovative copper wire knit®