We hope the following videos will help you develop your own style with WireKnitZ®

WireKnitZ® Tools : Light and Heavy Duty Tube Wringer

The Light and Heavy Duty Tube Wringer – A fun way to add texture and dimension to WireKnitZ® and other wire embellishments.

The Masks of Arbel Shemesh

Arbel Shemesh is employed by Fire Mountain Gems and Beads but this video is unaffiliated with Fire Mountain Gems and Beads.
Featured at the 2012 Oregon Country Fair, Arbel’s masks are magical; they can turn ordinary events into flights of fantasy.

Convertibles Bracelet by Norma Melton

See WireKnitZ® Founder, Norma Melton, demonstrate how to make the “Convertibles” Bracelet live at the Bead and Button show 2012.
Connect two “Convertibles” to make a choker necklace! We recommend using the 3000 or 5000 Series with the clasp in this video.

Class Act Bangle by Eva Sherman

Eva shows how to add ruffles to the On A Roll Cuff edge with the 2000 Series over the 3000 Series WireKnitZ®.


Meet Norma Melton, the founder of WireKnitZ® and Eva Sherman, designer.

Norma Melton briefly shares how WireKnitZ® began and Eva Sherman shows the

five WireKnitZ® Series and finished pieces in Tucson at  To Bead True Blue in 2012.


How to make a Fascinator

Eva Sherman demonstrates how to make a fascinator with the 1000 and 4000 Series WireKnitZ®.


Bead&Button 2011 Flower & Snap Cuff  with WireKnitZ®

Eva Sherman demonstrates how to make a flower and a snap cuff with the 3000 Series WireKnitZ®.  Be sure to fold or roll all cut edges three or more times to give your edges a nice finish and completely conceal wire ends.  For complete snap instructions, please visit the Tools page and download the SnapSetter instructions paying careful attention to Hints & Tips.  Also, be certain to purchase the appropriate Tool Adapter corresponding to the snap type and size.  


Faux Viking Knit with WireKnitZ®

See Eva Sherman demonstrate how to make a Viking knit-like chain with WireKnitZ® 2000 Series
and finish the ends with a wire wrap and Patricia Healey's cone ends.