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Use jewelers epoxy to glue twisted ends into jewelry clasps. Feed wire through and around twisted ends and into cone ends to finish with a wrapped wire loop. Thread a needle with braided beading thread and stitch WireKnitZ® in place, or to secure beads and other adornments.

Straight pins are handy for securing WireKnitZ® while developing your design.

Conical objects for shaping WireKnitZ®

Collect WireKnitZ® cuttings and use in place of glitter, capture in resin for making beads, pendants, etc.

Make beads by gently crushing and rolling scraps of #4000 Coarse Knit Series between your hands.

To narrow rolled necklaces, gently stretch while rolling.

There are so many uses for WireKnitZ® — personal adornments, home decor, quilting, scrapbooking, felting etc.

WireKnitZ® is extremely flexible and forgiving. If you bend an edge, or spread the knitted wire more than intended, use a soft toothbrush (flat bristle is preferred) on a flat surface, hold down one side with one hand, gently brush with the other. Alternatively, try rubbing in a circular motion between your thumb and finger to reposition the wire. If all else fails, save the damaged piece for future projects.

Really, nothing goes to waste!

1000 Series
5/8 inch wide 38 guage wire
TIGHT knit

3000 Series
3.34 inches wide 32 gauge wire
TIGHT knit

5000 Series
3.34 inches wide 32 gauge wire

2000 Series
3.34 inches wide 38 gauge wire
TIGHT knit

4000 Series
3.34 inches wide 32 gauge wire