Pinwheel Flower

Pinwheel Flower
By Eva Sherman


Tape Measure
Long Tweezers
Snap Setter Tool
Size 18 Snap Adapter Tool
Rubber Mallet


2 – Pieces 4 ½” Long  2000 Series WireKnitZ®
1 –  Size 18 Pearl Snap

View this Tutorial below or Download Printable PDF


1. Cut 2 pieces 4 ½” long  2000 Series WireKnitZ® in your choice of colors.  Photo shows Light Gold over Leaf Green.

2. Insert one piece inside the other by folding the end of the inside piece like a triangle (to prevent snagging), inserting the tweezers thru the outside piece, grabbing the triangle and pulling it through.

3. Fold raw edges inside at each end and smooth out the square.

4. Bend each corner toward the center in a pinwheel formation.

5. Install snap to the pinwheel with snap setter. Install back of snap to wearable art item of your choice.

6. Sculpt the flower to achieve a 3D shape and snap in place.

7. Voila! Step back and admire your beautiful new creation!

WireKnitZ® is the registered trademark of Visuals in Presentation, Inc. copyright 2010-2012

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