Knitted Wire Collar

Knitted Wire Collar
Designed and Contributed by Ruth Butterfield-Winter



24” – 4000 Series WireKnitZ® (4002 Silver Plate Coarse Knit shown)
24” – 2000 Series WireKnitZ® (2011 Navy Blue Tight Knit shown)
6” – 20 gauge silver wire
24” – 28 gauge silver wire (or more depending on the number of embellishments on your collar)
Assorted crystal beads (or your preference)


Measuring tape
Long cooking tongs
Wire working tools:
Round nose pliers, chain nose pliers, wire cutters, etc.

Helpful to know

Wire wrapping techniques.
WireKnitZ® is a tubular wire knit.  When the sides are separated it becomes a hollow cylindrical knitted tube.

View this Tutorial below or Download Printable PDF


How to make this collar:

1. Start with two 24” pieces of WireKnitZ®
2. Begin by gently separating the two sides of the Navy Blue WireKnitZ® tube.  Carefully pull the Silver Plate WireKnitZ® strip
through the Navy Blue tube and align the cut edges at both ends.  NOTE: The long cooking tongs are handy for opening the tight knit, gripping, and pulling the coarse knit through the tight knit tube.
3. Gently flatten the new 24” WireKnitZ® tube.
4. Cut the 6” 20g silver wire in half and set aside.
5. Working with the flattened strip of WireKnitZ®, fold both cut ends over about 3/4”, creasing fold.
6. Fold, or roll the sides toward each other and evenly meet in the middle, as shown in the diagram below.

7. Make a hook & eye clasp with the two pieces of 20g silver wire by wrapping around the WireKnitZ® ends as shown here in the photo. Or, to conceal the silver wrap, use the awl and puncture a hole through the rolled ends about 1/2” from each end.  Feed the 20 g silver wires through the holes and wrap the underside of the collar, making your hook & eye clasp.

8.   Once the clasp is secure at both ends, stretch the top and bottom sides, making your design.  Be certain to stretch the layered strips of WireKnitZ® together.
9.    Fold the stretched WireKnitZ® down a third of the way to create the layered look.
10. Wire assorted crystal beads, in your own unique way, to the collar by using 2” segments of the 28g silver wire.

Thank you, Ruth, for your elegant design.
To reach Ruth, please email

WireKnitZ® is the registered trademark of Visuals in Presentation, Inc. copyright 2010-2012

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